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2020 – Glasgow international

he theme for 2020 is Attention. As much a method or approach as a theme, Attention asks us to consider how, where and in whom our attention is placed at a time of seemingly constant distraction through, for instance, social media and 24 hour news feeds. What are the opportunities for close looking both in the making and viewing of art, and how we attend to others whom we care for, as well as ourselves?The festival is a special moment, a crescendo in the creative rhythm of the city, a concentrated instance that opens up a space for relearning and recovering the stretches of time before, during and beyond it. Attention seeks to step outside the everyday and open up a new space for looking, thinking and spending time with the work of artists and to see afresh the intent behind the work.

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Thick Impasto Strokes Form Abstract Portraits in New Paintings by Salman Khoshroo

Iranian painter Salman Khoshroo uses a palette knife and sizable layers of paint to create the emotive portraits in his recent series, “White on White.” In contrast to his previous work that relied on swirling reds, blues, and yellows, Khoshroo’s latest impasto pieces are monochromatic. Starting wit

Source: Thick Impasto Strokes Form Abstract Portraits in New Paintings by Salman Khoshroo | Colossal


Региональная IT конференция Metaсonf 2019, посвященная современным технологиям разработки и дизайна, объединяет разработчиков с различным технологическим стеком и направлена на обмен опытом, развитие it community и расширение профессионального кругозора специалистов!

Source: Metaсonf — IT конференция нового формата, которая создается прямо сейчас

SQSP Creative Dept.

Design is at the heart of everything we do at Squarespace—from our stylish templates, to our creative campaigns, down to our sleek offices in NYC, Portland, and Dublin. As a leader in web design, Squarespace is constantly challenging itself and its customers to break the boundaries of creativity. Ou

Source: SQSP Creative Dept.

The Year in Fashion

This year 104 million shoppers started their fashion search on Lyst. We analysed the data; crunching the queries, page views and sales metrics across six million fashion products from over 12,000 online stores, alongside the global media coverage and social media mentions generated by the year’s biggest brands and trends. From streetwear to spider brooches, Timothée Chalamet to Tevas, here’s what was trending in 2019.

Source: The Year in Fashion