OASIS Cannabis Co. makes California’s best cannabis products. Freshly squeezed edibles, premium flower and the most mouthwatering single-origin chocolates. Each serving is infused with 10mg of our own sun & soil grown cannabis oil.



Karst is a Certified B Corporation. Paper Made From Recycled Stone. Buy Stone Paper Notebooks, planners, journals and accessories made from recycled stone. We make everyday tools from alternative, responsibly sourced and manufactured materials.

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Nikolaj Juhlsen combines his interest for MTB and videography to create stunning video of how it is to take a ride. Enjoy the original sound and the beautiful views, when Nikolaj Juhlsen takes you on a POV (Point Of View) ride.

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Introducing GIGANTIC!, the all-new, sortasweet candy bar for so-called adults. GIGANTIC! is fullaflavor and better for you, made from real-food ingredients, like Fairtrade dark chocolate and plant-based caramel. GIGANTIC! delivers that traditional candy bar rush without the super-sweet, junk-food crash.


Quirky Illustrations by Christoph Niemann 

For Christoph Niemann (previously), all it takes is a halved apple or pliers lying around his studio to spur a quirky drawing featuring the random object. The illustrator is known for his Sunday Sketches, a weekly drawing series, that play with scale and position. Imbued with humor, the cleverly arr

Source: Quirky Illustrations by Christoph Niemann Reinterpret Household Objects in Clever Contexts | Colossal

Universal Favourite

We’re a design studio crafting refreshing brands for an ever-changing world, from Sydney to San Fran to Seoul. We believe design made with empathy and analysis leads to design built on understanding. And design built on understanding leads to design that works.

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