Relief Printing Art

Aftyn Shah is a self-taught artist who’s entire process of producing images requires a personal touch. Shah’s block printing technique involves drawing on the material, carving it, covering the piece with paint and pressing it onto paper. The artist draws inspiration from exploring local parks with her son and husband, and claims to be fueled by homemade lattes and Thai food.

Source: Relief Printing Art | Bored Panda

Hattie Newman

Hattie Newman makes sets and images that live in advertisements, magazines, galleries, websites, books and many other places around the world. With the help of her skilled apprentices, Hattie’s studio is a place where sketches and ideas quickly outgrow their pages and leap to life. Hattie is represented in the UK by BLINK ART and in […]

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I’m Justin Windle, a Creative Developer from London who likes to mix code, animation, interactivity and generative design. I work across the full JavaScript stack and have presented my work at conferences like Resonate and FITC. Formerly Google Creative Lab / Qwiki / FI. I’m currently freelancing.

Source: Soulwire

Nintendo Legends Concept

With the one of the hardest gifts to find in the market right now, we’ve been thrown back to the past with the NES Classic Edition. This little device is now adapted with our currently technology, we get to relive our early gaming experience. We would like to share this concept from Spencer Davis and Scott Schenone who had another concept in mind and it’s far more interesting than what’s actually on the market. They designed a beautiful product called: Nintendo Legends and I just loved everything about the design to the packaging. Hope you will enjoy it too!

Source: Nintendo Legends Concept – Industrial Design | Abduzeedo

40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography

Photography is more than a hobby these days, the beauty of photography is it can capture a moment for ever. What today we are talking about high speed photography, high speed photographs is art to capture pictures of a moment that pass far too quickly for us to record in some words a moment that we can’t see with our necked eye. Today in this post we are showcasing 40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography. Crown Source Paintball Blast Source High Speed Photography Pepsi Can Source Balloon Pinch Source High Speed Milk Drop Source Bullet Drink Source Strawberry Milk

Source: 40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography