I’m Justin Windle, a Creative Developer from London who likes to mix code, animation, interactivity and generative design. I work across the full JavaScript stack and have presented my work at conferences like Resonate and FITC. Formerly Google Creative Lab / Qwiki / FI. I’m currently freelancing.

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Nintendo Legends Concept

With the one of the hardest gifts to find in the market right now, we’ve been thrown back to the past with the NES Classic Edition. This little device is now adapted with our currently technology, we get to relive our early gaming experience. We would like to share this concept from Spencer Davis and Scott Schenone who had another concept in mind and it’s far more interesting than what’s actually on the market. They designed a beautiful product called: Nintendo Legends and I just loved everything about the design to the packaging. Hope you will enjoy it too!

Source: Nintendo Legends Concept – Industrial Design | Abduzeedo

40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography

Photography is more than a hobby these days, the beauty of photography is it can capture a moment for ever. What today we are talking about high speed photography, high speed photographs is art to capture pictures of a moment that pass far too quickly for us to record in some words a moment that we can’t see with our necked eye. Today in this post we are showcasing 40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography. Crown Source Paintball Blast Source High Speed Photography Pepsi Can Source Balloon Pinch Source High Speed Milk Drop Source Bullet Drink Source Strawberry Milk

Source: 40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography

ACSL | Autonomous Control System Laboratory Co., Ltd.

s-20161221214127ACSL 株式会社自律制御システム研究所は、高性能・高品質のドローンを純国産で自社開発、販売を行うドローンメーカーです。自律飛行の研究を国内で行い、物流・空撮・測量・点検等、産業用として活躍するドローン開発を行っています。

Source: ACSL | Autonomous Control System Laboratory Co., Ltd.

TOOLS – 3D Digital Art 

Luis de la Barrera-Montenegro is a visual artist, 3D, motion artist based in Madrid, Spain. He has been making an interesting 3D digital art series about our everyday tools as we all commonly know them about. But in his series, he actually replaced the elements or shall we call them components used instead of actually making 3D renders of the tool itself. The results are so clever and remarkable. Hope you will enjoy this collection!

Source: TOOLS – 3D Digital Art | Abduzeedo

Rogue One: Pixel Art 

8dd8f446352143.585108ffcb0e0Today is the day where the movie Rogue One: a Star Wars Story, it’s pretty exciting and are you gonna watch it today or this Weekend? Whatever if you’re a fan or not, it’s just incredible to see how inspirational designers will create and make as a tribute to the movie. Let’s take a look at the work of Pixel Jeff who is a Pixel Artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. Let’s enjoy his series at making some different landscape backgrounds with the main characters from Rogue One, including the Darth Vader.

Source: Rogue One: Pixel Art | Abduzeedo

The Super Simple Guide to Iconography

Screenshot at Dec 18 10-52-10We often hear that an image is worth a thousand words. Well, this applies very much to icons, which replace long sentences and words to optimize visual space, usability, and aesthetic. In this article, Toptal Designer Tidjane Tall shows us how to create 10 custom icons in less than 10 seconds each (we promise). Knowing how to design your own icons can go a long way, so learn how to craft a set of simple and effective icons to upgrade your skillset.

Source: The Super Simple Guide to Iconography | Toptal

ONE SHARED HOUSE: a radical experiment in communal living

Thirty years ago, eight women embarked on a radical experiment in urban living: they built a communal house in central Amsterdam in which practically everything — from kitchen utensils to childcare — was shared. With co-living making a comeback, New York-based designer Irene Pereyra returned to her childhood home to learn about the story of this unusual place, and to discover what we are willing to share in our living environment on a day-to-day basis — beyond the safety of our screens.

Source: ONE SHARED HOUSE: a radical experiment in communal living

Realistic Pencil Drawings by Morgan Davidson

Beautiful drawings by American illustrator Morgan Davidson.”My work is mostly drawn in colored pencil, a medium I started working with when I was a child. I’ve always been drawn to it’s precise nature and how easily you can create a wide range of textures. I also love mixing other mediums with my colored pencils, using bases such as watercolor, marker, oil rub or pan pastel and layering media on top like gouache, gel pen or acrylic. The possibilities are endless!Aside from my traditional work, I also like to work digitally in Photoshop with editing and painting and Illustrator and InDesign with designs, layouts and typography. I was very fortunate to get thorough training in many different traditional and digital mediums in college.”— Morgan DavidsonMore illustrations Visit her website

Source: Realistic Pencil Drawings by Morgan Davidson | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration


名古屋のデザイン会社。ホームページ(企画・運営・デザイン) プロダクトデザイン・グラフィックデザイン

Source: 株式会社スタジオ ディテイルズ | 名古屋のデザイン事務所・グラフィック・WEB・プロダクト・ブランディング · STUDIO DETAILS Inc. | A design firm based out of Nagoya, Japan specializing in graphic, web, and product design.

Car Designs by Andrey Tkachenko – Industrial Design

Just to continue with our streak with Industrial Designs, we would like to feature the work from Andrey Tkachenko who is a freelance artist based in Nizhiy Novgorod, Russia. Mainly focusing his work into a blend of Industrial Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, we are primary showcasing his car concepts and designs that are phenomenal in so many ways. I wish there was more information about Andrey on his process and even where does his inspiration comes from. Let’s enjoy his work and you can also find more of his work on Artstation.

Source: Car Designs by Andrey Tkachenko – Industrial Design | Abduzeedo


Super16 er et fællesskab af filmskabere i Danmark. Med base i Nordisk Films studier i Valby, drives Super16 som en forening af unge filmskabere fra vækstlaget, hvis kompetencer udvikles over et treårigt forløb. Hvert andet år skal de nuværende medlemmer af Super16 optage seks instruktører, seks producere og fire manuskriptforfattere til at fortsætte foreningen.

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