Trump Facts

#TrumpFacts will keep you up to date with Donald Trumps latest and greatest facts. Trump Facts gives you the straight truths from Donald Trumps 2016 election campaign. Get your Trump Facts straight with

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Step inside a forest of all the worlds’ trees. Discover the history of the planet with artist Katie Paterson with Zeller & Moye and their public artwork Hollow.

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NOIZE was created to intimidate northern lands with a bold and stylish statement. NOIZE responds to sub-zero temperatures with creativity by spreading unique vibrations.Whoever you are, wherever you stand, YOU can intimidate winter with style and personality- no matter how cold it gets. Lead the winter with style. We are NOIZE.

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Kingsize creative agency

Kingsize is a Belgian Web Design and Graphic agency. We provide startups and bigger companies with new visual identities and tailored websites, fresh touch included. We like to provide our clients with a kingsize level of awesomeness based on our three pillars: relevance, estheticism, and originality. Small agency, big ideas.

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Du Haihang – Interactive Designer/Developer

Du Haihang – Interactive Designer/Developer. I wear different hats to bring digital experiences to life across a variety of design spectrums, and ever since the time when my interest in the digital sphere was piqued, I have possessed a decade of multidisciplinary experience of being in the role of designer, art director and developer.

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Showcase of Mind Blowing Concept Art of Futuristic Cities

We get to see some breathtaking cityscapes in the backgrounds of sci-fi movies and computer games, but browsing the work of concept artists who craft these scenes is a real inspiration boost. In today’s showcase I present 45 mind blowing 3D renders, illustrations, digital paintings and photo manipulations of futuristic cities, ranging from shiny chrome […]

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