GT Flexa exclusively at Grilli Type

Instead of the traditional view of a typeface as a collection of static styles, GT Flexa embraces the idea of a fluid design space. As a dynamic tool, it enables joyful typesetting that allows for fully responsive typesetting. Grilli Type is very proud to release this beautiful typeface system, designed by Dominik Huber with Marc Kappeler.

Source: GT Flexa exclusively at Grilli Type — Download Free Trial Fonts

Mischievous take on classic cartoon characters in 3D

Gal Yosef, a 3D artist from Israel, has been working on a cartoon series of old and lovely characters like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny… and bringing them to life in some mischievous, yet hilarious compositions. Because of this Gal in June he was featured as the 3D artist of the month from Autodesk. If you don’t know who Autodesk is, they are the makers of some of the most popular 3D applications like Maya, 3ds Max and AutoCAD.

Source: Mischievous take on classic cartoon characters in 3D


We offer brands and agencies concept-to-completion moving content for any channel. With focus on the anatomy of story we build tailor made teams for any type of production. As a knowledgeable partner we help you flesh out ideas or just navigate through the production process, so you don’t have to bare-knuckle it. Success is measured in joy, attention and goosebumps!

Source: Dunderville